Melinda Vandelbraut

Min Lo's Chief of Security


Scout/Soldier/Elite Soldier/Gunslinger


Melinda was born on Corelia.
Her military brass father moved her to Coruscant at age 8.
She ran away at 16.
She has fought battles on Mygeeto, Kuat, Aargau, and Bothwai.

When she was 16 she ran away. Fell in with a bad crowd. Luckily found a mercenary group The Crimson Aces that would take her into their ranks at age 18. By all probability she should be dead. In fact taking her into their ranks was simply a bet. One high ranking member bet she would last 2 weeks, another 2 months, another 2 years. Needless to say they are all dead and she worked with them for 4 years.

She eventually left The Crimson Aces when was contacted by Min Lo 1 year ago. Although the Ace’s have angst at her for leaving for “PERSONAL REASONS” they aren’t hostile toward her. Supposedly she keeps in contact.

Melinda Vandelbraut

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