Mezara Vol

Min Lo's Chief of Staff




She was born rich. To a Togrutan family that went to “Hunt Amoung the Stars” and lived off world on Corelia.
Then her family squandered their wealth.
Then she rebuilt her family name exceeding even their original wealth.
Then the empire “acquired” her assets.
Now she works for Min Lo.

Despite a rather “unbalanced” existence she is very, VERY professional. Although many speculate she is part of some weird unnatural relationship with Min Lo, there is little to suggest that because she is a work-aholic. She CONSTANTLY watches over everything at Min Lo’s estate when he is gone.

Despite being most obviously a TYPE A personality, she does manage to mingle with decadent socialites when Min Lo requires her to. She is often seen as female companion at balls, galas, and ritzy broo-hahas (thus the rumours).

Her major personality flaw that most people seem to point out is her lack of patience. She has occasionally burst at him screaming “You are a lying sack of Bantha Dung!” and at one party splashed champagne on him for making her wait.

Mezara Vol

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