Nagoh Tenaj

Male Duros Scoundrel


HP = 16
Damage Threshold = 9

STR – 5
DEX – 18
CON – 5
INT – 15
WIS – 13
CHA – 15

Base Attack = 0
Ranged attack = 3
Melee Attack = -3

Feats = Standard scoundrel 1st level feats, look em up.
Talents = Security Slicer
Equipment = Tool Kit, DataPad, Security Kit


Worked as a live helpdesk technician for AOL (Alderaan On Line) until they had some major layoffs and replacements with a new droid series. Now works part time as a Ballet/Jazz dancer during weekends and a sales rep at an electronics store performing repairs. Has never actually fired a gun or killed anyone, but did give someone a dirty look. Would like to someday become wealthy and handsome, dreams of being like Con Seannery a character from a non-fiction military division with his own book and video game series. Nagoh is friendly but quiet and willing to help in any situation that wouldnt be too scary. Also knows the location of the secret rebel base, it’s on Hoth.

Nagoh Tenaj

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